Rebrand Silicone knee legging Grey/Baby blue

By Chillout Horsewear LTD

$50.00 $59.00

Our leggings are made from a high quality thicker than other brand leggings to provide support, 100% coverage and lasting qualities.

We are constantly praised for how long lasting our leggings last and with their high waist band, contoured seams and flattering panels it’s hard not to see why these are one of the best leggings on the market.

The rebrand leggings feature silicone inner leg grips and a large discreet side phone pocket. The way the leggings are designed mean they are suitable for short or tall riders as they stretch when wearing. 

Our leggings have been produced in a fabric which prevents hairs from sticking to them which is an added quality. 

Key points on why to buy our leggings…..

  •  Silicone knee grips
  • Large phone pocket
  • High waist band
  • No hair stick fabric 
  • 100% swat proof
  • High quality and long lasting 
  • Quick drying 
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